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membership - benefits

  • You will receive our annual yearbooks for free.
    It contains articles, essays and information on Bukowski and the activities of the Bukowski-Society written by international experts, journalists, former friends of Bukowski and others.
    The yearbook always has a big part in English language, so that international members outside Germany will gain full value from it.

  • As a welcome gift, you'll recieve the most recent yearbook.
    This means, that even if you join later in a year, you'll get the last published back-issue, just as if you were a member for that whole year backwards.

  • You'll be invited to our symposiums.
    These usually take place in Bukowski's town of birth Andernach, Germany around August 16. The languages of the addresses held there differ, but there's always at least one international speaker talking in English.

  • You get the satisfaction to help the cause of Bukowski as given in our Mission Statement

    Join Now! - It's easy!

    Just download your Declaration of Membership and send the filled-out document
    via snail-mail to the postal address given there or preferably
    send a scan via eMail to: soenke.manns [at] bukowski-gesellschaft.de .

     Declaration of Membership

    We're an international organisation and take members of all nations, race, believe or sex. Members from outside of Germany may pay their member's fee of currently 25 EUR (approx. 35 USD) per year via   PAYPAL  (to: membership@bukowski-gesellschaft.de).

    We're an officially accredited Non-Profit-Organization (NPO) and member of the roof-organization of literary societies ALG (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Literarischer Gesellschaften) in Germany.

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