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 Life & Work

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Mission Statement

The Charles-Bukowski-Society is a literary society
devoted to scholarship and research on the life, work and reception
of our author Charles Bukowski.
We're also working on the improvement of his literary fame and reputation.

We're an officially accredited Non-Profit-Organization (NPO) and member of the roof-organization of literary societies ALG (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Literarischer Gesellschaften) in Germany.

We're an international organisation and take members of all nations, race, believe or sex. Members from outside of Germany are able to pay their member's fee of currently 25 EUR (approx. 35 USD) per year via PayPal (to: membership@bukowski-gesellschaft.de).

The Declaration of Membership can be found HERE. More info on your membership HERE.

Projects . . . & our daily work

One of our biggest projects is to create a Bukowski-Museum in his house of birth in Andernach, Germany. Details on this project can be found HERE. However, this is a long-term-project and it doesn't look like we'll be able to realize it within the next 2 years.

Also, we're preparing an exhibition, that will take place in the summer of 2014 in the literary archive in Sulzbach-Rosenberg (Germany).

Beside that, we annually publish a yearbook and organize symposiums to the honor of Bukowski.
Amongst the attendants of our symposiums and authors of our yearbooks were such as Gerry Locklin, Robert Sandarg, Joan Jobe Smith, Michael Montfort, Horst Schmidt, Benno Käsmayr,Linda King, Pamela Wood, Abel Debritto, David Calonne, Michael Phillips, Bent Hamer and others.

We're in regular contact with Bukowski-scholars and former friends of his. We cooperate on a lose basis with bukowski.net, which is by far the best online-resource on the subject.

We advice school- and university-students with their papers on Bukowski (even PhDs), answer questions in the fashion of "there was this poem about a red radio - in which book is it ?", connect publishers and event-organizers with the rights-owners of texts and pictures and constantly fight poets, who ask us to deliver their works to Bukowski's publishing houses.


  • Roni - Chairman - roni@bukowski-gesellschaft.de
  • Frank Gundermann - PR - frank.gundermann@bukowski-gesellschaft.de
  • Soenke Manns - member support - soenke.manns@bukowski-gesellschaft.de

    Articles & formalities

    We're sorry, our articles are only available in German language at the moment. They're found HERE. Basicly, they say what we've already told in our mission statement. The rest is German-law-formalities. Maybe some day, we'll find someone to translate these in the right way according to the laws. Till then, it must be enought to know, that we're officially inscribed at Bukowski's town of birth, Andernach, Germany (resposible for this: 'Amtsgericht Koblenz') and accredited as a Non-Profit-Organisation by the 'Finanzamt Mayen'. The papers that proof this are in German language, though, but can be ordered from us.

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