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Bukowski - Scholarship & Research

Like every serious literary society, we're not just a bunch of fans, but also interested in the lesser known (or recognized) parts of our author and his work. In revealing those parts. In scholarship and research. This can be academic but doesn't necessarily has to. Some of the people we work with are academics, others have known Bukowski personally, while yet others are just fond of him and deeply interested in general or special prospects.

We're working as a pool to gather all these efforts to shine a light on as many aspects of Bukowski (the man and his work) as possible.

Bukowski-Society - The yearbooks

 Bukowski-Society yearbooks

Our yearbooks collect (amongst other things) articles and essays from Bukowski-Scholars and former friends of his. Here are some of these. Please don't quote from these without proper credit to the source and author. For info on the Tables of content or purchasing Back-issues mail to: roni@bukowski-gesellschaft.de

  • Gerald Locklin: Something about Bukowski (2002)
    Gerry Locklin was a friend of Bukowski since the very early 70s.
    On our symposium 2002, he spoke about Bukowski's persona.

  • Gerald Locklin: Notes on Bukowski and Hemingway (2005)
    Gerry Locklin was a friend of Bukowski since the very early 70s.
    Here he muses about Bukowski's relation to Hemingway.

  • Robert Sandarg: Charles Bukowski – Words and Music (2004)
    Robert Sandarg has been doing researches on Bukowski's relationship
    to classical music for years. We printed his first publication on the
    subject in our yearbook of 1998. Here is what has gone on since then.

  • Roni: Interview with Bent Hamer (2005)
    Bent Hamer is the director of the movie 'FACTOTUM'.
    Roni interviewed him at a pre-screening in Hamburg.

  • Laureen Everett: 5124 De Longpre Ave (2008)
    Everett was the initiator of the campain to save Bukowski's bungalow
    at DeLongpre Avenue. Here she tells first hand about the case.
    Added is a facsimile of the official City-of-Los-Angeles papers.

  • Marguerite van de Poll: The basics of Buk & Bach (2006)
    This is an interview with the Dutch musician Willem van Ekeren, who
    has successfully combined Bukowski-poems with Bach fugues and
    preludes. He tells us about the idea and the project.

  • Michael Montfort Interview (2000) /
    Michael Montfort was Bukowski's close friend and photographer.
    This interview is bilingual. Dieses Interview ist zweisprachig.

  • Benno Käsmayr: Auf den Bukowski gekommen (2004)
    Der Gründer des MaroVerlages erinnert sich, wie er damals Bukowskis
    ersten Gedichtband in deutscher Sprache rausbrachte. Die Vorzeichen
    standen damals nicht wirklich gut. Da war einiges zu stemmen.

  • Horst Schmidt: Neuere Forschungen zu Charles Bukowski (2004)
    Der Journalist Horst Schmidt ist Autor einer richtungsweisenden
    Untersuchung über Bukowskis Verhältnis zu und seine Rezeption in
    Deutschland. ('The Germans love me for some reason', MARO 2006)
    Hier berichtet er über Biografien und sonstige Sekundärliteratur
    zu Bukowski.

  • Roni: Bukowskis neues Zuhause (2006)
    Im Sommer 2006 wurde bekannt, dass Bukowskis Witwe Linda
    den Nachlass an die renommierte Huntington-Library spenden würde.
    Das wollten wir etwas genauer wissen.

  • Roni: Bukowski kommt in die Schule (2008)
    Unser Schulprojekt: Eine Unterrichtseinheit Englisch an einem Gymnasium
    mit Bukowski als Stoff. Das geht! Hier unser Erfahrungsbericht.

  •  Charles Bukowski

     Charles Bukowski

     Charles Bukowski